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    // introducing the basic collection for not so basic people //


    The basic collection
    for not so basic people

    Nothing was born from the eternal fascination of Chilean fashion designer, Daniela Bustamante, for basic and quality pieces.

    Pieces that last more than one season. 

    Pieces that you can inherit, those garments that have stories, from work meetings to concerts and adventures, pieces that could talk by themselves (thankfully they won’t) because basics are for every occasion and for everyone.

     Oh! no, not for everyone, we are proud it is only for not so basic people.

    Meet the creator

    Wearing basics requires tons of attitude.
    And to wear our brand, it takes more. Because we choose who wears it and who doesn't.

    No, just kidding, it's not because we choose who wears it, it's because our products are limited edition basics.

    For most of the articles, we work with the surplus of bigger companies, we use high quality deadstock and give them a second life.

    A chance to be part of your wardrobe and your story.
    Cool right? No, it's not cool, it should have always been this way.

    But since it didn't happen like that, we create our own brand and our own rules.
    And choosing sustainability in every possible decision, ethical payments and using the best materials, even in surplus, are the core of our brand.

    All of this blended with perfect fittings and a neutral chromatic palette, is the seal of NoThing, the new brand that re-edits basics with a manufacture of first level and unconventional style.

    We are honest, feminine, a bit irreverent at times & we have a good heart and we love our planet.

    So be our guest, go out, live your life, love your people and have NoThing, please

    – Daniela 

    ps: try to be nice every day, it's free. (And is the new black)